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  1. “As you sow, so you shall reap”

    Definition :

    One will either enjoy or suffer the consequences of his earlier actions or inactions.

  2. “We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love”

    • wHerevEr yOu aRe, i’M alWayS bEsidEs yOu

      • Deeply inside of soul will be speaking what have to do so including prays to Allah Almighty such as a guides =)

  3. whatever… long as you are happy together…..;)

  4. yoU aLwAys havE my sHoULder whEn yoU cry

    • that’s right . i agree ..

  5. never give up :’)

  6. it so romantic…..

    • tq

  7. i hope my friend understand me and always with me when in thick and thin..

  8. falling in love is like falling asleep in class. you really not planning to , but you did . :’)

    • That’s we called it intuition from Allah Almighty =)

  9. Sometimes, we always think about what will happen in future of our life,, but we always forget to think about the next world 😥

    • thanks for the reminder and we all need to be reminded time and again about the next world :”|

  10. a life only once. do the best to get Allah’s bless

  11. Absence make my heart gr0w f0nder,

  12. be patient in everything……

  13. Life is Incomplete Without you…….

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